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 Board news and update for May 2019.

I want to start out by saying it is a privilege to be part of the Westminster Board of Managers. This is my first opportunity to serve the journey of WPC with a group of dynamic and highly skilled board members that have the same vision. Keep us all in your prayers that we may serve God’s Church in a way that it was meant to be.

Our mandate for the Board is to be good stewards of WPC property and maintain our fiduciary obligations to WPC funds which supports the vision and growth of God’s Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Calgary. The board is also responsible to the Minister, the Session and the Congregation of WPC and maintain open lines of communication to best serve our Church.

Moving forward, in February 2019, we had a change in the Board with the retirement of some existing members and some additions to the existing Board. We want to thank Grant Stephenson, Don Colley and JC van der Walt for serving and supporting the journey of Westminster with the time spent on the Board.

The new members joining the Board in 2019 are Harley Davidson, Wendy Smith and Mark Stevens. The current Board members are as follows; Gerard van Antwerpen, Harley Davidson, Eric Brocklesby, Ann Valentine, Vincent Valentine, Wendy Smith and Mark Stevens. Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Below are some key areas of attention the Board is currently looking into.

Service contracts   It is important to review all service providers from time to time to ensure WPC is getting the best service for a reasonable price and not necessarily the cheapest price.   Here is a list of the contracts and services we are currently reviewing. A further update will be available once we have completed a fair and thorough review of these services and what a go forward plan will look like. ·        

  • Gardening, landscaping and snow removal ·        
  • Waste removal, big garbage bin out back ·        
  • Office equipment (photocopier contract) ·        
  • Insurance ·        
  • Plumbing maintenance ·        
  • Alarm contract ·        
  • Weekly Interior cleaning contract ·        
  • Monthly carpet cleaning contract ·        
  • Office suppliers ·        
  • Sanitary supplies

Computer and IT concerns Two main areas we are looking at regarding this are, hardware/software and back up of existing data and databases.

1.    Hardware/Software: At present the offices of WPC run on different technologies regarding computer based platforms, Mac and PC. The current split is 2 Mac’s and 2 PC’s. The Mac platforms are keeping pace however the PC platforms are not keeping up despite new software installed that wasn’t designed for the old underpowered machines that we currently have in place. We are looking at converting the two PC machines to Mac to increase longevity of computer systems at WPC.

2.    Back up of computer data has been sporadic at best and we have a plan going forward that can solve this issue with a small amount of funds.

Summary of Computers and IT, we are looking at converting to all Mac formats for longevity of use, the software is updated free along with antivirus programs within this platform to reduce yearly operational costs. Also, we can set up each computer to interact or talk to each other to provide redundancy and outside access when using cloud based back up. Also, with cloud based back up, we are eliminating the use of excess folders, paper and printing, office supplies and security of WPC confidential documents. All these initiatives will streamline operations for both office staff, Ministries and Volunteers at WPC by enabling access to historic files of each ministry through online web based login protocol from the comfort of your own home.  

Key Holders for WPC This is an area we are reviewing to confirm who has access to WPC and their access code to shut off the alarm. We would like to confirm that if someone has a key and no longer needs it that they will return it to inventory.  

Health Safety and Environment In February of 2019, WPC had a Risk Management Report completed for the Church in order to review any issues that may need attention. The scope of the report was very thorough, and it precipitated a committee within the Board to review all of these current items as well as implement a scaled down version of an HSE program for WPC. In addition to the HSE program, an Orientation and a WPC Policy handbook will be introduced. As in all businesses today, personnel code of conduct, conflict of interest and security protocol for all WPC computer and internet use will become part of this package.

On behalf of the Board of Managers at WPC, I want to thank you for your support and look forward to working for the vision of WPC and its’ congregation. 

Mark Stevens