Now What? Emergent Churches

Until the mid-twentieth century, the attractional model of church, which focuses on belonging and church growth, worked well. However, as our society becomes more secular the pool of people looking for a church is declining, thus the attractional model is becoming less and less effective. As a result, we are... Read More

How Do Social Justice Issues Impact the Church?

Tim Keller, minister at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, relays a story about a young man, named Mark, who moved into one of the poorest and dangerous part of Baltimore to join with other leaders in the community to establish a church and a set of ministries to transform the neighborhood. When Tim... Read More

How Can We Nurture Faith in Our Children and Grandchildren?

The Haynes Report on the State of the The Presbyterian Church in Canada (2012) states that, since 2005, worship attendance has declined steadily at an average rate of 3% annually. One of the main sources for this continuing decline has been the loss of generational replacement. The children of congregation... Read More

Carrying Faith into the Community

 Jesus said to them again, "Peace be with you.  As the Father has sent me, so I send you." (John 20:21) Mission matters because God is a missionary God. The gathering of the church is not the ultimate purpose of mission, but rather it is the primary means by which God is carrying out his healing mission in... Read More

Christianity in a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Faith World

Multi-Cultural According to the Statistics Canada 2011 Household Survey, 16.6% of Canada’s Christians are immigrants; however, the idea of a multi-cultural church can seem like an anomaly in North America where churches often reflect one group of people and are not be as diverse as the neighbourhood and society... Read More

So What: Our Ecclesiology of Church throughout North America

Becoming a Reflective Congregation means we need to consider God's Nature and Mission, our Context (societal changes), and the Working Ecclesiology of church (what we believe about the nature of church).  Changing any one will influence the others so it is crucial towards understanding each in the present day.... Read More

The Great Emergence

Every five hundred years, the church cleans out its attic and has a giant rummage sale of ideas. According to Dr. Phyllis Tickle (author and founding editor of the Religion Department at Publishers Weekly), this is an accurate summary of church's massive transitions over time, and the period of dramatic upheaval... Read More

How Have We Seen the Church Change?

For about 150 years the way the church did ministry seemed to work well in Europe and North America. The church building sat as the centre of the church’s life, bringing people together for worship, fellowship, and assistance. From the early 19th Century until the middle of the 20th century, the church served as a... Read More

What: Influence of Society on Church

The Church and Change Rapid societal change over the past 50 years has left its mark on Canadian congregations.  At our first session of Rev. Peter Coutts' Workshop we looked at what is changing, why it is changing and the implications for congregations.  The following were all thought to be factors- Cultural... Read More

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