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A staged COVID re-opening plan was announced by the government on May 26. Briefly, everyone moves into Stage 1 on Monday, June 1 -- except for churches, who were allowed to move into Stage 1 on May 28. This will allow us to have in-person worship with appropriate precautions and at 15% of capacity. Stage 2 will start two weeks after we get to a 60% immunization rate for people aged 12 and over, and when hospitalizations for COVID fall below 500 people and are falling.When Stage 2 starts, we will be able to increase our capacity in church services further (to 33% from the current 15%). Outdoor social gatherings will increase to 20 people, and youth activities will be able to resume with restrictions. At Stage 3, most restrictions that would affect our activities will be lifted. We will reach that stage, all being well, two weeks after 70% of people (12 and over) are immunized with at least one shot. For recent information, see