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The SAM (Spirituality and Mission) Talks will be part of the worship service over several weeks this summer. The goal for these services is to let us all share in some of the new ideas for churches that have been put forward by the Presbyterian Church over the past few years. Let's spend the summer learning, talking, thinking, and dreaming, so that when the fall comes, we are ready to do even more than "getting back to normal" -- maybe we can think of ways to "get back to better"!

Each service will open with a call to worship, a hymn, and a Bible reading that will frame the conversation of the day. This will be followed by the leading team of the day giving an overview of the subject to follow, and then the SAM talk video -- some of the sample video(s) that we hope will describe the concept best. The leaders will then sum up and pose a few questions you may want to discuss with others to start moving about the ideas around in your head. We'll break then for a chance for you to circulate and talk with others. At 11:20, we'll call you back into worship to close worship with a hymn and closing prayer.

We aren't able to offer a livestream option on Sunday, but if you can't join us in person then, we will have an option to join a Zoom presentation and discussion on Tuesday evening at 7 pm. The Zoom link is in the newsletter. If you don't receive the newsletter, please email us at for the link.

The overall schedule for the summer SAM sessions is:

July 11 (Sunday worship) and July 13 (Zoom): Faith Formation for all Generations
July 18 (Sunday worship) and July 20 (Zoom): What is a missional church? 
July 25 (Sunday worship) and July 27 (Zoom): Our church property: a resource for mission?
August 8 (Sunday worship) and August 10 (Zoom): How we Gather: What do millennials need?
August 22 (Sunday worship) and August 24 (Zoom): How we Gather: What should churches do next?
August 29 (Sunday worship) and August 31 (Zoom): What we've heard. How do we take this into our future?

(On August 1, we will have a usual worship service with livestreaming, and on August 15, we'll have a VBS celebration Sunday that will be totally kid-friendly.)