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Last year, we received funding from the Calgary Foundation to build a Positivity Mural in partnership with Tom Baines School. Westminster has supported the construction through the Randy Jaggard Fund, which was created in Randy's memory for projects that involve youth and build community. There has also been financial support to purchase paint from the Tom Baines Parent Association and the Edgemont Community Association.

So far, we've seen the new fence, which will be the "canvas" for the mural, (mostly) constructed. This week,  Tom Baines School  will be starting the design project with the students, inviting them to create designs that demonstrate positivity, community and inclusivity. Westminster will convene a community team to see and comment on designs and give feedback to the students.

In May, we'll be hosting a couple of community events as the fence is painted to prepare the "canvas", and then as the students create their designs. Stay tuned!