How does Westminster help to be that voice of hope in our community? By building strong relationships with community partners, both locally and globally, who are working to improve the lives of the people in their care. 

Edgemont Networking Group: We've been an active partner in a network of local organizations offering community outreach services to families in Edgemont for over 10 years. Some of our partners include: the Edgemont Community Association, the City of Calgary Community and Neighbourhood Services, Foothills Alliance Church and Northwest Community Church, Calgary Police Service, the Calgary Public Library, 3 local schools (Tom Baines, Edgemont School, Mother Mary Greene) and several other agencies and organizations.  

A Place to Call Home: is a joint project of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, HomeSpace Society, CUPS and KAIROS Calgary. Vulnerable families experiencing homelessness and poverty are supported by volunteering with the CUPS Community Development program and fundraising to help pay down the mortgate on four affordable housing complexes. The volunteer program is currently on hold pending the decision by CUPS to re-open the resource rooms.

Breakfast Club: The Breakfast Club has goes throughout the school year to provide nutritious breakfasts for community kids. Please click on the menu at left for more information on how you can help kids in our community get a good start for the school day.

Bethany Care Society: When it is safe to have visitors and worship services in seniors' homes, we anticipate restarting this program. Volunteers from Westminster go to Bethany one Sunday a month to assist mobility-challenged residents attend church services. It’s a great way to reach out to the residents and make a difference in their lives. More details on volunteer opportunities will be provided once we are able to resume this service. 

Bogota Kids Mission: This mission in Bogota, Colombia supports children in high risk situations by providing educational support for children who are either struggling in school or who aren't enrolled in school at all. Please click on the menu at left for more information on this important project.

Summer Lunch Club: Westminster sponsors a lunch every Wednesday during the summer at the Edgeburn Lane resource room. The project provides an extra source of nutrition during the summer months when the Breakfast Club is on hiatus, and also builds community among the residents and church members. Click on the menu at left for more information.